Welcome to Nifty, the collaborative workspace where all-over-the-place shifts into all-in-one-place.

To make the best use of Nifty, lets start by understanding the basics of how a Team and its members work and what the different tools in Nifty are.

------ Workspace and Project Structure ------

Here's a video that breaks down a Workspace's structure and permissions, User Account details, Portfolios, and Projects:

Nifty Team Structure

Team (Workspace)

You're part of a Team. A Team is a workspace in Nifty that consists of an Team Owner, Team Members, Portfolios, and Projects. All of the data within this Team is solely part of this Team and is shared in no way with other Teams. Your email account can be part of multiple Teams and can have a different role in every team.

Owner, Admins, Team Members, and Guests

Every Team has a single Owner who manages the Billing for this account. The Owner is automatically invited to every Project within the account, though the Owner does not have access to the Direct Messages between other Team Members.

Admins can create Portfolios and Projects, and can invite other Team Members or Guests to collaborate. Admins may promote other Team Members to Admins.

Team Members can create projects and can invite other Team Members and Guests to collaborate.

Guests are invited on a project level and do not have access to Calendar, Workloads, Portfolios, or Direct Message. Guests do not count as Team Members on your subscription.

Learn more about Teams:

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Custom Roles & Permissions


Portfolios are collections of projects that can have members of the team assigned to them by default. These projects and teammates assigned to them should have some inherent relevancy, examples being Dev Team, Clients Projects, or Back Office.

Note that all Projects are part of a Portfolio.

Portfolio Tips:

• Portfolios can only be created and managed by the Owner or Admins

• Portfolio members are automatically invited to all current and future projects within the Portfolio. Portfolio members can create projects within the portfolio.

• Team members who are invited to a specific project within a Portfolio without being invited to the entire portfolio will not have access to other projects within the portfolio or the portfolio's members.

• Guests invited to a project within the Portfolio will not see any data outside of their project including the portfolio's name their project is in.

Note: Every team has a General portfolio by default which can be renamed but not deleted and automatically adds every member of the team to it unless manually removed.

Learn More about Portfolios:

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Creating a Project

Creating a project gives you the option to choose a pre-made workflow template if you want a starting point for your project's structure. You can choose which of the modules should be enabled within your project with the Configure option.

Note that you can also save your own project structures as Saved Templates as well as import projects from other tools.

Learn more about Project creation:

Pre-made Project Templates

Configuring the modules within a project

Import Projects from Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Trello, or Wrike

Project Modules

Projects contain six interconnected modules by default: Home, Milestones, Tasks, Discussions, Docs, and Files.


Home gives every user to customize windowed insights into the project's other modules without having to flip through the project to get up to speed.


Milestones are the high-level objectives in the project that are reflect progress when the tasks tied to them are completed. Milestones have two core views: Timeline and Swimlane.

Learn more about Milestones:

Sharing Milestones as a URL

Automating Milestone Progress

Milestone Dependencies


Tasks are the individual objectives within a project. They might recur, have multiple assignees, request Guest input, or be tied to a Milestone. Tasks are stored in Task Lists which can be assigned to a user or users to automatically assign them to all current and future tasks in that list.

Learn more about Tasks:

Automate Assignments with Task List Automation

Control who can see what in Tasks and Milestones with the Hide feature

Establish Custom Fields and track Task Budgets

...and more!


Project Discussions are where the team members and Guests of a Project can communicate and collaborate. Discussions are loaded with features such as Threads, Pins, and even Zoom, to make sure everyone is always on the same page. You can even create Docs and Tasks from inside your project Discussion!

Learn more about Discussions:

How Discussions work

Integrate Zoom to start and join calls from within Nifty


Create collaborative docs within Nifty with Nifty docs, as well as create or import Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations in a project! Docs can be attached to Tasks and launched in Discussions to ensure they're central to your workflow. Docs can be Public or Private to ensure only those who should see them are able to.

Learn more about Docs:

How Docs work


A project's files will aggregate in the File tab of the project. You can even import select files from your GDrive or Dropbox storage.

------ Team Tools & FAQ ------

Team Tools

Team Tools are the devices in Nifty that only members of your Team get access to with the exceptions of My Tasks and Overview.

Direct Messages

Direct Messages allow members of the team to engage in one-on-one or group chats that do not pertain to any specific project. You can even launch Zoom video calls from DMs. Guests cannot send or receive direct messages.

Cross-Project Overview

Overview shows all of the projects you're a part of in one place. You can filter your Overview to get insights on a specific Portfolio, Project, and its Milestones. Guests only have access to the projects they're a part of in the Overview.

Team Workloads

Track your teammates task volume, see open and completed tasks, and manage resources with the Workloads screen.


The Calendar has two views: Team and List. Calendar is a great way to see team deadlines at a glance, where as the List view is a powerful way to filter projects based on deadlines, people, tags, and more. Both views share a master filter to control the scope of the projects you're looking at.

My Tasks

You personal My Tasks is similar to the Calendar List view other than its just for you! My Tasks Calendar view can be synced with your GCal to view your events in Nifty, and Time shows the time you've tracked on tasks across Nifty.

Time Tracking

Members of the team can manually track time on tasks. Project Timesheets can be downloaded, and individual user's logged time can be found on their Profiles. Guests cannot Track Time.


What counts towards my storage?

Files in a project count towards your storage limit. Team owners can view the team's storage limit in the Billing section of Team Settings. Archived projects still count towards your storage whereas Deleted projects do not.

Can a Team have two Owners?

There can only be one Owner on a Team; you may change the Team's Owner in the Billing section of Team Settings.

Do we have to use Direct Message?

Direct Messaging can be disabled by the Owner from the General section of Team Settings.

Can Guests Direct Message / do Guests count as a seat on my license?

Guests cannot Direct Message and do not count as a seat on your license.

How do I enable Google SSO for my Team?

The Team Owner can force their team to use Google SSO in the General section of Team Settings.

Can I rename my Team?

Teams can be renamed and given new URLs in the General section of Team Settings by the Team Owner.

Do Teams share data?

The data on a Team is exclusive solely to that Team and cannot be seen by or linked to another Team.

How do I enable Dark Mode?

You'll see a switch for Dark Mode in the Account dropdown menu above Import Projects.

How do I enable Dark Mode on Mobile?

Mobile Dark Mode can only be enabled if your device supports a Dark Mode OS and has that OS enabled.

Where do I download Nifty Apps?

iOS / iPad


Mac & Windows (must be manually approved and installed)

Got questions or feedback? Reach us at team@niftypm.com

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