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How to Work with Guests in Nifty (& Guest Permissions)
How to Work with Guests in Nifty (& Guest Permissions)

Nifty makes communicating, setting expectations, and sharing progress with your clients super easy.

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The Guest role in Nifty is great for clients, freelancers and other non-team members. While Guests' permissions are scaled back from those on your team, they can still participate in a project without joining your team-chat or team subscription!

Be sure to also check out how you can work alongside Guests while iterating internally by hiding Milestones and Tasks! or create a Custom Role to create a new role what your collaborator can and cannot do to fit your workflow!

What Guests can See and Do

Guests have a meaningful, yet pared back version of Nifty to make collaboration simple and actionable. Guests will join a project in the Home Screen as seen below.

You'll note that Guests do not have access to:

  • The Portfolio that their project is in

  • Overviews

  • Workloads

  • All Tasks

  • Team-side emails

  • Direct message except for with Account Owner (optional)

Within a project, Guests are restricted from taking certain actions, such as:

  • Project invitations

  • Adjusting Milestones

  • Deleting Tasks (unless they've created the task)

  • Assigning / un-assigning tasks (unless they've created the task)

  • Creating, deleting, or editing Tags

  • Enabling or disabling project modules

Meaningful Participation

Nifty Guests are robust project collaborators who can get very involved in a project's workflow.

Guests have great collaborative powers, such as:

  • Completing tasks (assigned to them or created by them)

  • Commenting in tasks

  • Participating in discussions

  • Creating or uploading documents and files

  • Downloading our Mobile and Desktop apps

Account Owners can reference the Custom Roles & Permissions tab of Members & Permissions under Workspace Settings for a complete array of Guest permissions.

Inviting a Guest

Guests need to be invited to projects directly. 

Once your project is created you may invite guests in your project's settings. Guests can be invited with their email address or by simply generating an invite link that you can share with them.

This invite screen can be accessed via the Home module:

Or with with the Invite Members button next to the member tiles:

Tips for Guest Collaboration

Guests love Nifty's ease of use and actionability as it creates an all-in-one hub for the timelines, tasks, communications, and documentations of the project.

Here are some tips to enhance your Guest collaboration:

  • Start Zoom or Webex calls with your Clients from Project Discussions

  • Encourage your Guests to use the Home screen, as it has everything they'll be looking for in a single place -- including all of the tasks assigned to them within the project

  • Downloading our Mobile app makes collaboration easy and portable

  • Create a "Guest Approval" Status in Tasks that will automate approval assignments. This methodology is used in the Guest Onboarding video seen below. Feel free to use this video when bringing your Guests onto Nifty!

Have a Client Who Doesn't Want to Use a Software?

Try as you might, some of your clients might refuse to sign up for a collaboration platform. The good news is that they can still remain up to date with your project progress with Nifty's public progress roadmaps.

Don't have a Nifty account yet? Sign up for free!

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