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Task & Milestone Privacy Permissions
Task & Milestone Privacy Permissions

Control your workflow with custom task and milestone permissions

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Bring greater control and enhanced privacy to your workflow with our permission controls for milestones and tasks.

Task Permissions

You can hide a task by clicking on the Hide Task button inside a task. You're able to Hide tasks from users of your permission level or lower. For example, Admins can hide a task from Admins, Team Members, and Guests, but not the Account Owner, while Team Members can only hide tasks from Team Members and Guests.

Overriding Task Visibility

Assigning someone to a task that is hidden to them will override that task's Hidden status. For example, a Team Member can be assigned to a task that only Admins or higher can see. They will be the only Team Member able to see that task.

Note: Hidden tasks are marked on your taskboard with an eye icon.

Hiding Milestones

You can hide a milestone by clicking on it and ticking the Hide Parameters box. Tasks created or tied to the Milestone will automatically adopt the Milestone's Hide parameters and can be overridden on the task level.


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