Creating a Group Chat

Select multiple members of your team and create a Direct Message group.

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Create a Group Chat in Nifty to hold cross-project discussions with multiple people. This can be a great way to unite a specific team within your account, or simply a watercooler with a few members to discuss some fun, real life stuff!

First, you'll need to ensure that your team's Direct Messaging is enabled. This is up to the Account Owner to do.

Start by selecting the See all option next to your Direct Chat. From here you'll be able to create a new chat that can consist of multiple people as well as have its own name.

Once this group is made, you'll find it in your Direct Message sidebar. This chat can be renamed or deleted once its run its course!

An Alternative to Direct Messages

Perhaps you'd like to have a large number of team members in this chat and would like to see it full-screen. In this case, you can create a Discussion-only project by disabling the other modules of a project. This is a fantastic way to have a portfolio-oriented discussion.

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