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Moving to Nifty from Asana

Here are some way to improve your migration to Nifty from Asana

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Asana users commonly love the features and collaboration that Nifty offers as an alternative. Below are some helpful things to know when moving over from Asana.

You can Import from Asana

You can bring your Asana data over to Nifty to get started quickly and seamlessly. Be sure to check out our Asana Import and .CSV Import articles to learn more and weigh your options.

Asana Teams are similar to Nifty Portfolios

Similar to Teams in Asana, Nifty's Portfolios allow you to invite and manage Project access on a broad level. Members added to your Portfolio will automatically be added to all of the Public Projects within it.

Structuring Assignments

It's common to have a large, detailed task in Asana that relies on subtasks and subsubtasks to categorize all of the information within it. In these cases (even if you don't use subsubtasks), consider creating a Nifty Milestone in your Roadmap for the Asana task, Nifty Tasks for the Asana subtasks, and Nifty subtasks for the Asana subsubtasks.

In Asana

Try in Nifty







By doing so, you'll automate reporting on the Milestone's progress based on the completion of the Tasks within in.

Linking Tasks

Tasks can exist in multiple boards in Asana. In order to reference Tasks found in other Projects, be sure to use our Link Task tool.

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