1. Start by clicking on the "+" button in the active discussion list. You can then name the discussion and invite team members. Note that Clients are automatically added to discussions unless manually edited.

You can flip through project discussions you're a part of by using the discussion drop down.

2. You can upload images into discussions by selecting the image icon, or by simply dragging and dropping an image into the discussion bar.

3. You can edit or delete your messages by hovering over them and selecting from the pencil pop-up menu.

4. Additionally, messages can be made into tasks by clicking on the Create a Task button on message hover. A task will be created with the message text and can be assigned to any current task list.

5. Documents can be created directly in a discussion by selecting the document icon in the discussion text box.

Creating a document in a discussion automatically allows everyone in that discussion to view the document. In order for them to edit the document, you must change their permissions in the document.

They can view this document in the discussion or through the Docs tool.

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