How Discussions Work

Project discussions help ideate and create a knowledge hub.

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Every project has its own discussion channel that project members and Guests can participate in. Not only is this channel excellent for conversations loaded with emojis and gifs, but it boasts a ton of collaboration features as well.

Posting a Message

Enter content in the chat bar and press Enter or use the green send button to submit your message. The GIF and Emoji buttons next to the send button can spruce up your message!

The Insert ( + ) Button

The Insert button allows you to upload a file from your computer or a synced GDrive or Dropbox. Note that you can drag and drop files into the chat bar as well to bring them into the discussion.

You can also use the Insert button to create a Nifty or Google Doc! Documents posted inside of a project's Discussion will automatically be a Public document and will involve everyone in the project. This doc can also be located in the Docs section of the project.

Text Hover Options

Hover over some discussion text to reveal options to Add a Reaction, Edit (your posts only), Create a Task, Start a Thread, or Pin Message.

Add a Reaction allows you to add an emoji to a piece of text in the discussion. Others can choose to add to that reaction's count by clicking on it, or can add their own reaction.

Edit allows you to clean up your message to fix typos or rephrase. Edited messages indicate that they have been altered from the original post. You can delete this post here as well.

Create a Task out of a line of discussion to close the gap between communication and action!

Starting a Thread from a previous comment allows for side conversations to branch naturally while keeping the main discussion moving.

Pinning a Message

A line of discussion can be Pinned so it can be easily referenced for future use. This is a great way to preserve an introductory message, keep a link handy, or outline what the project discussion should orient around.

Once a message is pinned, it can be referenced by the pin icon in the top right of the discussion. You can even start a thread off of the pinned message.

Mute and Zoom

Press the Bell icon in the top right to Mute a discussion to stop receiving notifications regarding this discussion, and use the camera icon to start a video call!

Integrating with Slack

Bring your workflow together without switching over! Nifty integrates natively with Slack to post messages, create tasks, and more. Learn more here.

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