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Organize Projects and assign teammates directly to Portfolios

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Project Portfolios group your projects into folders that can be assigned to select teammates. This is a great way to categorize projects by departments, locations, managers, or more and automating invites to projects based on the team!

Creating and adding to a Portfolio

Your default Portfolio is General where all team members are added to on joining your Workspace. Because of this General Portfolio is a great place to have company-wide resources that are accessible by all. This Portfolio can be renamed but not deleted.

The Workspace Owner or Admins can create additional Portfolios via the + icon in the sidebar.

The person who created the Portfolio can then add additional teammates to the Portfolio by selecting from Workspace Members or inserting email addresses in the search bar.

Teammates added to the Portfolio are automatically invited to all projects, both current and future projects in the Portfolio as long as those projects are made public to its Portfolio. When projects are created as "Private", project creator must manually invite members to the project.

Note: You can invite teammates directly to a project within a Portfolio without inviting them to the Portfolio itself. In this case, these teammates will see the Portfolio name, but will not see the Portfolio's members and other projects that they're not a part of. Clients will not see any Portfolios but only the project that they invited into.

Projects can be moved across Portfolios by Portfolio Admins. Continue reading for more information on this.

Managing a Portfolio

Admins added to a Portfolio are able to manage the Portfolio's projects and members.

If a project is moved into a Portfolio, the project's members remain assigned to that project but are not automatically added to the new Portfolio.

A project can be moved by drag and drop. Admins or Team Members who are Project Owners (creator of that project) may relocate projects across Portfolios.

A Portfolio must always have an Admin in place to manage it. If a Portfolio's sole Admin wishes to leave a Portfolio, they will be prompted to add another Admin or the Team Owner to the Portfolio before they are able to do so.

Portfolio Admins may Delete a Portfolio, but note that the projects in that Portfolio will be deleted with it. If you wish to Archive these projects, you must do so before deleting the Portfolio. 

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