Project Customization

Disable specific project modules to fit your workflow needs.

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Every project has different use cases and may not need all of the modules Nifty offers, which is why you can tailor every project's modules to fit its exact needs.

Configuring a New Project

After naming a new project, select the Configure Project button.

Here you'll be able to select the modules to disable. Note that disabling the Tasks module will remove the Task screen but still allow you to create tasks in your Milestone views.

Once you've selected which modules you'd like to disable, create the project. You'll see that this project is now tailored to your specific needs!

Configuring an Existing Project

In order to configure an existing project, simply click on the triple dot menu next to the modules across the top of a project.

From here you can toggle these modules on and off.

Data already populated in those modules will not be lost rather is stowed away until you decide to enable the module in the future.

Use Cases for Project Customization

  • Create a Discussion project for a Portfolio or Workspace

  • Create a Docs hub for employee onboarding

  • Create a Files project for design assets

  • Create a Tasks project for project requests

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