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Integrating Zoom Meetings inside Nifty
Integrating Zoom Meetings inside Nifty

How to integrate Zoom with Nifty, and other questions answered!

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You can integrate Zoom with Nifty to launch video and audio meetings along with instant screen-sharing right from your favorite collaboration hub!

The benefits of Zoom's integration with Nifty

Our Zoom integration brings the power and performance of a Zoom call directly into your collaborative experience and allows you to forgo emailing or messaging call links and details manually. Simply start a video or audio discussion from Nifty with the press of a button and teammates will receive a push notification to join!

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How it Works

Your Zoom integration will allow you to automatically start calls from Project Discussions as well as Direct Messages.Β 

Incoming calls will appear as a banner alert prompting all project members to join the meeting. The call details, as well as a link to the recording if applicable, will be provided by Nifty Orbit at the call's conclusion.

Starting a Meeting
You'll need a Zoom account in order to initiate calls inside of Nifty. If you do not yet have a Zoom account, you can sign up for free.

Joining the Call
Team members do not need a Zoom account to receive and accept meetings inside their Nifty projects and private chats.

Minimizing the Call
The Zoom call will occupy your Nifty window. Be sure to minimize the call if you want to view or share your workspace with your teammates. Similarly, click the Expand button to re-enter your meeting screen.

Recording the Call
Call recording is available on Zoom's Pro and above plans. You can find the record button on the bottom of your meeting screen to record your meetings. Once the meeting has ended, a recording link will be posted in your project's discussion or team chat to be viewed and downloaded by all meeting participants.
*Note: Recording links will expire after 24 hours once generated.


App Installation

  1. To log into your Zoom account, access the Nifty App Center by pressing the camera icon in a Discussion or Direct Message, or by going to
    ​Settings--> Profile--> App Center--> Zoom App --> Install.
    ​*Note: You may run into a message saying "Error Linking Account" even though the account link was successful. We're working with Zoom to eliminate this confusion.
    ​*Note: To authorize Zoom for the entire team on your Nifty account, please install the app by going to Settings--> Team--> Team Apps--> Zoom App --> Install.

  2. A new window will open prompting you to Log In or Sign Up to Zoom.

  3. In your Zoom account under Personal, go to Settings--> Schedule Meeting and disable "Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting"

In Nifty, use the camera icon in a Discussion channel or Direct Message to start a Zoom meeting!Β 

Uninstalling your Zoom app

  1. Access your Zoom app in the Nifty App Center by going to
    ​Settings--> Profile--> App Center--> Zoom App --> Uninstall.


If you've any questions or are running into issues, reach out to us at or use the help widget to chat with us!Β 

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