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Inviting Team Members and Structuring your Team
Inviting Team Members and Structuring your Team

Nifty works best when you're working with others!

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Understanding how and where to invite collaborators will streamline your workflow experience.

*If you wish to invite clients or limited-permission collaborators, you should invite them as Guests!

Inviting Members to Your Workspace

Inviting members to your Workspace grants them access to the Workspace Direct Messaging, as well as allows you to add these members seamlessly to other Portfolios and Projects. If a member is added via a Portfolio or Project, they will become a Workspace member as well. Please note that this does not include those invited as a Guest role.

To invite someone to your Workspace, access your Workspace Settings through your Dropdown Menu.

Within your Workspace Settings, access the Invite People tab of Members & Permissions. Here you will be presented with two invitation methods.

Send Invite Email

Insert the email and (optionally) the name of the person you're looking to invite. Additionally, you can select the Role that this member should join as (Admin, Member, or Custom Role). Use the Invite button to send invitations to your Workspace.

Once members your Workspace, their name and email addresses will be readily available when inviting these members to Portfolios or Projects.

Generate Invite Link

Generating an invite link allows you to send many invites out quickly and with personalization over an external communication channel.

Select the default Role for those who join via the link, then Create the link. A link will then be generated that you can share outside of the Workspace.

Once members your Workspace, their name and email addresses will be readily available when inviting these members to Portfolios or Projects.

Portfolio Invitations

You can invite a member directly into a Portfolio via invitation. Doing so will automatically add them to all Public Projects within the Portfolio. This is a great way to grant someone access to a bunch of relevant Projects quickly.

You will see the option to invite people directly to a Portfolio next to the Avatars below a Portfolio's name. If you do not see this option, it is because you do not have have the permissions to invite members to a Portfolio.

Through the Portfolio popup, you will see the members of your Workspace. From here, you can select which should have access to this Portfolio. Additionally, you can search Workspace members by name, or invite new members directly to the Portfolio by entering their email in the search field.

The General Portfolio

By default, your Workspace will contain a General Portfolio. This Portfolio acts differently than other custom Portfolios in that it will automatically add new members of your Workspace to it, regardless of whether or not you explicitly invited them there. Because of this, the General Portfolio is a great place to create Workspace-wide projects as all Workspace members will be able to access them.

The General Portfolio can be renamed, but not deleted. You'll always be able to identify the General Portfolio due to the question mark (?) tooltip icon next to it.

Project Invitations

There are two types of Project invitations; member invites, and Guest invites. When a Workspace member is invited to a Project, they are not added to the Portfolio in which the Project exists, meaning they will not be able to see or access other Projects within the Portfolio. This is a strategic invitation intended to limit the scope of what this member can see.

A Guest is a non-paid Project collaborator Role. They are only invited to this Project and are not added to the Workspace, meaning they will see no Portfolios, will not have access to team tools such as Workloads, All Tasks, and Direct Messaging. While the Guest role is given meaningful collaboration powers, they will not see details beyond the project to which they are added.

To add either members or Guests to a Project, access the Manage Members or Invite Guests option via the dropdown menu located next to the Project's title.

Once in the Project Settings section, you'll be presented with invite options for either email invite or link invite, similar as seen above in the Inviting Members to Your Workspace section of this help article. However, the Project screen allows for you to send a Guest invite to this project.

Roles & Permissions

Members of your Workspace occupy one of three default roles: Owner (only one of this role), Admin, or Member. By default, people are added to your Workspace as a Member, but can have their role updated in the Manage Members tab of Workspace Settings.

Additionally, you can create Custom Roles with tailored permissions.

Below are the permissions in Nifty between Owners, Admins, Team Members, and Guests:

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