*If you wish to invite clients or limited-permission collaborators, you should invite them as Guests!

Inviting Members to Your Team

Once your team is made, you may invite additional team members to it by clicking on the "Invite to Nifty" button in your sidebar or entering your team settings. Start by clicking the team dropdown and clicking the gear next to your team.

Next, flip over to Manage Team and enter team member's emails.

Project Invitation

While inviting members to your team automatically gives these members access to Direct Messaging, they still need to be invited individually to projects created within a team. 

Note: To automate project invites for members simply invite or add them to your project portfolios and these members will be automatically added to each new project as long as the project is made public to its portfolio. Learn more.

By inviting a team member to a project, they join both the team and the project simultaneously. 


To give a team member on your team, Admin permissions, you can go to your team settings -> manage members -> hover on their name and select change role. From there you can change a team members role to an Admin.


Here are the team permissions in Nifty between Owners, Admins, Team Members, and Guests.

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