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Sharing a Public Milestone Roadmap
Sharing a Public Milestone Roadmap

Use a public link to share your project's Milestones and progress with external audience & shareholders

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You may find that you want to display a roadmap publicly without having to bring people into your Nifty account as Guests.

Share as a Public Link

In this instance, access the Share button on your project's Milestone screen select Share as read-only link. This will copy your roadmap's link to your clipboard to share!

Note that Hidden Milestones will not be visible through the share link.

You may optionally give your link a description for management purposes:

Once the link is generated, be sure to copy it to your Clipboard.

You may now share this link publicly!

Viewing a Public Link

Once shared, external project shareholders may view your Milestones in a web browser. This roadmap is a live link your project and will see Milestone progress evolve upon refresh without requiring a new link.

Revoking a Public Link

Click the Revoke button on the link share module to delete a public link and end that instance of sharing your roadmap publicly.

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