Whether you're looking to boost team efficiency or calculate freelance resources, time tracking allows you to chart how long team members are working on specific tasks within and across your projects.

Tracking Your Time

First things first: only those on your team can track time spent on tasks in Nifty.

When visiting a task, note the Start Timer button. Your time will start being tracked when you hit the start button, and the time tracking widget will appear in the bottom left corner of Nifty.

To stop tracking a task, you must do one of the following:
• Hit the Stop button on the time widget in your sidebar
• Hit the Stop button on the time widget in the task
• Start tracking time on a new task

Editing Tracked Time

The pencil icon on either the task or your sidebar tracking widget will allow you to edit the amount of time logged on that task. Time must be inputted in the following format:


Be sure to add the " : " in between the hours, minutes, and seconds if you delete them while editing a task duration.

If you wish to edit the duration of a task that you've already logged, keep reading!

(Reporting) Referencing Task and User Time Logs

Task Time Logs

Time tracked on a task can be seen by clicking on the time tracking widget. Here we can see what users logged time on this task, and if any logs have been edited. Note that you can edit your previous logs on this task here.

User Time Logs

Users can only see time logged in projects they're invited to.

Your and other user's individual time logs can be accessed through their profiles.

For a cross-team view of logged time, reference the Workloads screen!

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