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Maximizing your Project Home
Maximizing your Project Home

Create a Project Outline, invite project members, track the Activity Log, and manage project modules all from a single screen.

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A project's Home screen is just as it sounds -- the place you go to feel at ease. It's the space of your project that ties everything you're working on, and everyone you're working with, all together. This is the first screen every project member sees upon joining the project.

Project Outline

Above your Home widgets is the Project Outline. This common text space is shared amongst members of the project and is the ideal spot for outlining the project brief or scope of whatever this project is about. You might use it to outline the project's goals, define roles and responsibilities, and set expectations for what's to come.

Text styling within the Project Outline is available upon hover. By default, the Account Owner, Project Owner, and Admins can update the text within the Overview.

Manage Project Members

The Project Members section is fantastic for quickly inviting teammates and Guest collaborators to your project.

Once they're part of the project, a member's Workspace Role will be visible as well as any User Tags that have been applied to them.

Activity Log

The project's Activity Log sits to the right of the Project Outline and keeps track of actions within the project. Below are the items tracked within the Activity Log:

  • Project creation

  • Project Members joining / leaving

  • Milestone created

  • Milestone completed

  • Milestone dependency unlocked

  • Task created

  • Task completed

  • File uploaded

  • Doc uploaded

Project Widgets

Home offers widgets that provide insight and action into the different modules of your project. These modules can be enabled, disabled, rearranged, and resized on a per-user basis to make Home your personalized space.


Track the progress of project Milestones, and click on a Milestone to open it and see its tasks.


Focus on tasks assigned to you, or filter through the different Statuses of the project.


Engage in your project Discussions in a reduced window to get more done from a single screen.


Upload or open Project Docs from your Home widget.


Upload or open Files from your Home widget.

Time Tracking

Managed time tracked on tasks within the project based on the inputted date range. Click on the widget header to open the project Time Log flyout menu where you can download a time report.

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