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Project Control Center

Project Control Center gives you a single place to manage custom fields, automations, repeating work, forms, and integrations.

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Project Control Center is a single place to manage all of functional details about your project to easily keep track of your work. Within your Project Control panel, you can review and manage:

  • Automations

  • Forms

  • Project forwarding email

  • Custom Fields

  • Integrations

Accessing Project Control Center

While there are various ways to access your Project Control Center, you can find it directly from within the project's hover menu in your sidebar... well as from within the dropdown menu next to the project's name.

Creating & Managing Automations

Nifty's custom if/then automation builder is a simple and effective way to have Nifty automate the mundane elements of your workflow. Visit our custom automations article to learn more.

Email Forwarding

Your project's email address allows you to forward emails to your project to create Tasks or Discussion messages. Visit our email forwarding article to learn more.

Nifty Forms

Create & manage immersive Nifty forms which can automatically create Tasks, Discussion messages, or Docs upon submission. Visit our Forms article to learn more.

Custom Fields

Implement additional standardized data fields within and across projects Milestones & Tasks with Custom Fields. Visit our Custom Fields article to learn more.


Utilize Nifty's native integrations to empower your cross-tool workflows. Visit our project integration articles to learn more:

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