Master Overview of Projects

Get a birds-eye view across all your projects, milestones, tasks, and their progress with real-time status in one place.

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While project milestones provide insights into a project's status and progress, Nifty's master overview puts you in the captains chair by providing project-level insights across all of the active projects you're invited into as an Admin, Member, or Guest.

Note: Workspace owners are automatically part of every project in the account.

Key Project Insights in Overview:

  • Project Owner (person who created the project)

  • Project Timeline (overall project completion status)

  • Project Progress % (calculated by completion of tasks tied to milestones)

  • Project Milestones (all milestones within a project and their progress)

  • Project Completion Date (based on the end date of the last milestone)

  • Tasks (open tasks that are tied to a milestone)

  • Story Points (accumulated and shown by portfolio and individual projects)

Key Features of Overview:

  • Timeline Views (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly)

  • Reports (export progress to CSV or PDF)

  • Compact View (condensed view to see a wholistic picture)

  • Portfolio Filter (filter projects by portfolio)

  • Project Search (by name)

  • Project Sort (sort projects alphabetically, by start or end dates)

  • Add Tasks (create tasks into milestones across projects)

Accessing the Overview

You access the Master Overview from the Reporting screen your sidebar menu and Projects Overview in the top menu bar.

Project Timeline View

A project will appear as a master timeline determined by the start date of the first milestone and the completion date of the last milestone. This Timeline bar will report the overall progress based on the completion of the project's milestones.

Expanding Projects

You can expand a project to see the individual milestones within it. You can even expand it further to view the milestones within the projects along with the associated tasks that are currently open.

Click on a Project in your Overview sidebar to expand it.

Once expanded, you will see the progress of the individual Milestones of that Project's Roadmap. From within a Milestone, you can expand it further to see a gantt-style line-by-line view of the Tasks by clicking on the "X Open Tasks" button.

Expanded tasks in the sidebar will display the Tasks' names, due dates, and assignees in the sidebar and a timeline view on the right side to get a full gantt-based overview.

View More Projects at once with Compact View

Compact View condenses the height of the rows in Overviews to increase the volume of projects that can be viewed at once. You can enable Compact View through the option dot menu in the top right of Overviews.

Once enabled, the heights of collapsed and expanded Projects will be condensed. Compact View can be disabled through the same menu in which it was enabled.

Filtering by Portfolios

The master overview provides the same in-depth view across projects, as your project's roadmap. Overview gives the added benefit of being able to give a birds-eye view across projects within a Portfolios. Learn more about portfolios here.

P.S. Learn more about the different types of reporting inside Nifty here.

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