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Voice Messages for Chats, Discussions, & Comments
Voice Messages for Chats, Discussions, & Comments

Create expressive conversations by sending voice messages in Chats, Discussion Messages, and Comments.

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Go ahead and say what's on your mind with voice notes! There's no better way to add a personal touch to your conversations than by adding your voice to it.

Voice Messages

Voice Messages can be added in browser, desktop, and mobile apps. You'll be able to add these notes in:

  • Task & File Comments for communicative feedback

  • Project Discussions for announcements and updates

  • Direct and Group Chats for fun, personal messages

Leaving a Voice Note

Select for the microphone icon at the right side of the text bar in a Comment, Message, or Chat.

The first time you try, your application will ask you to grant permission to use your device's microphone. In order to leave your own Voice Notes, you'll need to grant approval to microphone access.

Once access is approved, simply say what's on your mind. You'll see the sound waves appearing as you speak your message.

Hit the Stop (square) button to stop your message. You can listen back to it with the Play button, and if you like it, you can Send it. Otherwise, hit the X button and try another recording.

Be sure that you like your message before sending because Voice Notes cannot be deleted once sent.

Once sent, press the Play button next to the message to listen to it in whichever communication channel it was sent it.

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