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Slack Integration with Nifty
Slack Integration with Nifty

Bring your Slack and Nifty workflows together by creating data and mirroring messages.

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Merge your Slack and Nifty workflows with our Slack app and use the two robust platforms side-by-side in seamless fashion. Here's what's awaiting you in Nifty's Slack app:

  1. Slack Actions. Create tasks, milestones, and docs right from your Slack Channels!

  2. Commands. In any channel, simply type /nifty to create a new task, milestone, or doc right from your Slack feed!

  3. Slack Notifications. Receive notifications from messages posted in your Nifty, Project discussions right in your channels. All project messages will be forward into your Slack Channel of your choosing!

From Slack you'll be able to:

  • Create a Milestone

  • Create a Task List

  • Create a Task

  • Create a Doc

  • Mirror Nifty Project Discussions right in your Slack Channel

This is great for discussing Guest projects internally in Slack while using the Nifty discussion for Guest-facing communication!

How to Integrate Nifty with Slack

First you'll need to download the Nifty app to your workspace through the Apps section of your sidebar. Search "Nifty".

Once you've downloaded the app, get started by using the following slash command in your Slack workspace:


The first time you use this command, we'll slide into your DMs in the Apps section. From here, select "Connect account".

From here, you'll need to log into Nifty and verify Slack. Once you've returned to Slack, you'll be all set unless you're a member of multiple Teams, in which case you'll need to select one. Note that you can change between Nifty Teams within Slack by using the /nifty command.

Nifty Slash Commands

To link or manage a Nifty Project discussion into a Channel or Change Default Team:


To create a Task in Nifty from Slack:

/nifty task

To create a Task List in Nifty from Slack:

/nifty list

To create a Milestone in Nifty from Slack:

/nifty milestone

To create a Doc in Nifty from Slack:

/nifty doc

Nifty's Slack App FAQs

Do I need to manage this app from my Personal or Team App Center?

  • You do not; this integration can be managed entirely through Slack's app center and interface.

Does every member of my team need to integrate?

  • Those who wish to take advantage of creating Milestones, Task Lists, and Tasks in Nifty will need to integrate. Only one user in a Slack Channel needs to integrate with a Nifty project to subscribe to that project's Discussion.

Can I respond to a Nifty Discussion through Slack?

  • Nifty Discussion content is only brought into a Slack Channel at this time and does not create a two-way sync.


If you've any questions or are running into issues, reach out to us at or use the help widget to chat with us!

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