Our immersive Miro experience brings the industry leading whiteboard collaboration seamlessly into your Nifty projects.

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  • Need to build out a drip campaign based on the flow created in Miro? Try our Task based embeds!

  • Want to bring your charts into your employee onboarding documentation? Try our Doc embeds!

  • Need an easy place to reference the information architecture of your new website? Try a Custom View embed in your projects.

Generating your Miro Board's Embed Code

First, you'll want to generate the embed code from Miro via the export options.

Once you've selected the Embed option, click on the embed code to copy it to your clipboard.

Now that you have your board's embed code copied, you can place it across Tasks, Docs, and custom Project views in Nifty.

Task and Doc Embeds

Embed Miro into your tasks to keep a board connected actionably to a specific step of your project's process. In Nifty, find the Attachments section of the task and choose the Embed option.

This same embed flow is utilize inside of a Nifty doc to bring diagrams directly into your documentation.

Embedding Miro as a Project View

You can add a Miro board (or boards!) as a Custom View of a project to ensure that the master plan of your project can be easily referenced and followed.

Access the View Selector of the project and select the Add Custom View option.

While this embed works similarly to those above, the Custom View requires that you provide a name of the View that will appear as a tab of the project.

You'll now see this board added as a View of the project!

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