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Microsoft OneDrive Integration
Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Bring files in from your Microsoft OneDrive into Nifty via our integration in Tasks, Discussions, Team Chat, and Files

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Access your OneDrive to find the files that you're looking to bring into your Nifty Workspace. These imported files are duplicates of their counterparts in your OneDrive solution. Note that this is different than synced Office365 documents.

Integrating your OneDrive

You can integrate your OneDrive by accessing the App Center section of your Profile Settings. Once you select Install, follow the steps in the login flow.

If you're utilizing Microsoft SSO, then you'll already be integrated to your OneDrive!

Once integrated, you can access your OneDrive from several locations throughout Nifty.

Importing from OneDrive in a Task

Select the "+" button in the Docs and Files section of a Task to open up the OneDrive import option. Files uploaded in a Task will also be found in the Files section of the project.

Importing from OneDrive in a Discussion or Direct Message

Select the "+" button in the Discussions or Direct Message chat bar --> select Upload a file from --> then OneDrive import option.

Importing from OneDrive in Files

Select the "Upload File" button, then select the OneDrive import option.

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