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How Nifty Docs Work
How Nifty Docs Work

Collaborate with your team members in real time, generate AI docs, and even integrate with Google or Office365 docs with cloud sync.

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Creating a Nifty Doc

Select the docs tab in your project header and click on the "New Doc" button to create a new document.

Via the popup, you can Title the document and select the Privacy level of the document. If you have doc templates, you may select a template to create the doc from. Lastly, you can choose to generate a document via the Nifty Orbit AI. You can go directly to the AI Document Generator with the Generate Document option in the above dropdown.

Generating an AI Document

Start generating an AI document by inserting a prompt or description of the type of document you're looking to create, then select Continue.

Next you will be presented with fields relevant to the type of document you're looking to create. Fill out whichever fields you'd like, as well as delete those you do not wish to include, and add more that you'd like included.

Alternatively, you can Generate new fields if you want to see all new field options from the same prompt.

On the next screen you'll see a preview of your generated document. You can change the title of the document here if you'd like, as well as Generate again if you want a new document generated from the same prompt and fields.

If you're ready to create this as a Nifty doc, select Create.

Within a Nifty Doc

Next, invite collaborators to your document and choose their level of permission they can have with the document.

Sharing a Nifty Doc

Other than directly inviting users, this document can be shared two ways.

First, you can download your doc as a .pdf or .docx file.

Secondly, you can copy the document to your clipboard as a read-only and paste it anywhere you'd like!

Creating Tasks from a Nifty Doc

Nifty Docs offer an ability to create checkbox tasks within them to help organize action steps within the document.

Once these checkboxes tasks are created, you can hover over one to create a task from it. Then, select the Status that the task should be entered into.

Creating a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide

In order to create a G-suite document, you'll need to authorize your Google account through Nifty. If you logged into Nifty using Google SSO, this step will already be complete.

Once logged in, you'll be able to create and access these Google tools from inside your Nifty project as well as your account's GDrive. Other members of your Workspace will not be able to access your GDrive.

Importing a document from GDrive or Office365

You can import a preexisting Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide via your GDrive integration, or a synced Word Doc, Excel, or Powerpoint via your Office365 integration. Note that Microsoft documents cannot be edited through Nifty and those edits must take place in your Office solution per Microsoft's policy.

Use the option menu to select the desired import. If you're leveraging either the Google or Microsoft SSO, your respective cloud storage will already be integrated.

Select the file(s) that you wish to import into the project.

Creating a Doc from Discussions

Documents can be created directly in a discussion by selecting the "+" button in the bottom left of your text input. You can choose to create either a Nifty or Google Doc through this feature!

Creating a document in a discussion automatically allows everyone that discussion to view the document. In order for them to edit the document, you must change their permissions in the document.

You and your team can view this document in the discussion or in the Docs section.

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