Creating a new Project

Create a new project with team members and guests

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In order to create a Project, be sure that you're a member of the Portfolio you'd like to make a project in.

There are two ways to create a Project. First, through the Create a Project button inside your Portfolio Dashboard. And second, by hovering on the "+ Create a Project" button next to the portfolio name in the sidebar.

Project Privacy Settings (Public vs. Limited) 

A Public project automatically invites all members of the portfolio automatically into that project, whereas a Limited project allows you to choose select team members to invite into that project.

Default Task View

Make sure all project shareholders are aligned by selecting the Default Task View. This setting determines the Task View that project members will see the first time the enter your project.

Name Your Project

Don't forget to give your project a name!

Customize Your Project Modules

You can customize which modules will be visible in this project. You can alway adjust this later as well. Be sure to check out our Project Configure article to learn more!

Done! Your new project will appear on your dashboard.

Inviting additional members to your project 

You can invite additional members and Guests to your project by clicking on the invite button in your project header.

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