While customization can unlock productivity to an extent, sometimes it's helpful to know that everyone is looking at the same thing. That's why Project Owners & Admins can set default views, and even lock them, throughout the project.

A Project Owner can:

  • Set a default view for a Project's Dashboard

  • Set a default view for a project so everyone sees the same Task View when first accessing the project

  • Set default columns and order for the List View of the project

  • Customize and set default data to show on a Kanban card in the Board View

Setting a Default View in Dashboard

Standardizing the Dashboard is a great way to ensure that other project collaborators and particularly Guests see what's relevant to them upon logging into the project.

Once the Dashboard widgets are set to their liking, the Project Owner will be able to select the Set Default View from the widget dropdown to ensure that everyone's Dashboard is uniform and unable to be adjusted on a personal basis.

Setting a Default View for your Task Board

During or after project creation, the Project Owner will have the ability to set the Default View for the Tasks module of the project. This setting will determine the first view that other collaborators will see when they join the project. Though this determines the initial view new Project members will see when they join, they will have the ability to toggle through the Tasks views on their own.

Keep reading to learn how to set the default Columns in List View.

Setting Default Task View during Project Creation

You will see the ability to select which view should be the default for new Project members during Project creation.

Setting Default Task View from Project Settings

You can always adjust the Default View after creating the project by accessing your Project Settings. First, locate the Project Settings option from the Project's dropdown menu.

From the Settings screen, you'll be able to adjust the Default Task View.

Setting Default List View Columns

List View is a popular due to its customizability. If you want to enable, disable, and rearrange columns, you can do so to fit your exact workflow needs. Setting the default columns of List View will ensure that everyone sees the same column layout in this view, thus standardizing your workflow for all collaborators.

Start by clicking on the " + " button for Edit Columns on the right side of the List View columns.

Once opened, you're able to drag & drop as well as disable columns to ensure that they appear in the order of your liking. Once completed, select the Set Default View button to make this the default column layout in List View.

Setting Default Task Cards in Kanban View

The Show/Hide button in Kanban view allows you to control what you see on a card's face. To edit what you can see, open the Show/Hide options.

Once any of the filters are adjusted, the ability to set these settings as Default for everyone will appear.

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