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Changing User Roles and removing users in Nifty
Changing User Roles and removing users in Nifty

Adjust the Roles of your teammates and Guests within your workspace as well as remove members of your team

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The different roles in Nifty have different fundamental permissions, and ensuring your team is structured properly will make your everyday operations go much smoother.

Changing User Roles

Access your My Workspace under Workspace Settings to view the different Members on your team as well as Guests who are invited to projects that you are a part of.

Changing Roles

You may only promote a user to the role that you currently occupy, meaning an Admin may promote another member up to Admin Status, whereas a Team Member may only promote up to Team Member status. To change a user's role, highlight their card, select the option dots, and select change role.

Guest Role Changes

Guests aren't technically part of your Workspace as they are invited on a per-project basis. When a current teammate is changed to the Guest role, they will automatically be removed from every project and portfolio as well as Team Chat. You will need to then add them into specific projects directly.

Conversely, changing a Guest into a member of your workspace will grant them access to your Team Chat and General Portfolio as this user will now count as a seat in your subscription plan.

Removing Members from your Workspace

Removing Members from your Workspace

There are two ways to remove teammates from your workspace, one of which is reserved for the Account Owner role.

Remove from all projects

Account Owners and Admins may choose to remove a team member from all of the projects they are involve in on the workspace. This action will leave this user on the team, allowing for them to access Team Chat and maintaining their status as a license on your subscription.

Remove from your team

Account Owners may fully remove a team member from your workspace which removes them from all projects and chats, and frees up their license on your subscription.

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