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Saving Custom Task Views
Saving Custom Task Views

Save custom task views to standardize team workflows with quick access to multi-view referencing of custom data filters.

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While Nifty automatically remembers your current Group, Sort, and Filter settings in All Tasks, My Work, or a Project's Task board, saving a custom View allows you to quickly reference that layout in the future. This View can also be set as the default view for the project so your collaborators are automatically on the same page.

Custom Task Views can be saved across:

  • My Work Tasks

  • All Tasks

  • A Project's Task Board

What can be included in a Task View:

  • View type (Kanban, List, etc...)

  • Filter options

  • Group By options

  • Sort (List view)

  • Visible Columns (List view)

  • Show (Kanban view)

  • Portfolio & Project Filters (My Work & All Tasks)

Saving a Task View

In this example, we're viewing a Project's List View as Grouped By Status and Sorted By Tags. While Nifty will remember these settings automatically should I click away, saving this View will allow me to quickly reference it again in the future if I want to view this board differently for the being.

Select the Views button in the top right of the board and select Save view.

Give this View a name that will help you remember the layout settings. Once saved, you'll be able to quickly load this View in the future.

Setting as Default

Setting this View as default will make this the initial View that other project collaborators will see upon joining the project.

Once set, the View's icon will change to a bookmark to indicate its default status.

You can set a new Default View or delete this view to replace the default View parameters.

Sharing with Others

Sharing this View with others in the projects gives the the ability to access and edit this layout.

Pinning a View

You can Pin a View though the dropdown menu to bring its visibility to the top of the Task board.

Once Pinned, you'll see the View prominently on the board. You can unpin the View from either the dropdown or pinned option menus.

Deleting View

Deleting this saved View will remove it from the saved options.

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