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Task List View
Task List View

Use Nifty's list view to manage your tasks flexibly in terms of customizing, grouping, filtering, sorting, and performing bulk actions.

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List View makes it easy to see a higher volume of Tasks with a customizable order of columns.

Accessing List View

You can access your List view by clicking on the List option at the top of your Task Board.

Filtering Tasks

Use the filter bar to filter your tasks by assignees, due dates, tied milestones, tags, as well as completed and archived. Additionally, you can use the search function in the filter bar to find the exact task that you're looking for.

Sorting Tasks

Sorting enable you to arrange your tasks by assignees, due dates, tags, milestones and even custom fields within your Statuses. It’s the ideal way to manage your most important tasks in the top of your view to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

Adding Custom Columns

Custom columns allow you to add additional columns or to your task view by using custom fields. This allows you to organize and formally categorize information that should remain at the forefront of your view.

Learn more about custom fields.

Personalizing Your List View

Enable and disable columns as well as drag and drop to rearrange the columns in your List View to fit your exact needs. Note that this customization is personalized and will not rearrange these columns on the project level for other project members.

Rearranging and Collapsing Lists

Rearrange the Statuses in your project to fit your workflow. You can re-arrange the order of the Statuses as well as collapse lists that you want minimized to focus on work that's important to you.

Bulk Actions

Bulk task actions are a fantastic way to take control of your task board in just a few clicks. Simply use shift/ctrl and select to bulk pick tasks.

Learn more about bulk actions.

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