Linking Tasks

Easily share information and even synchronize completion of tasks between teams to empower cross-project collaboration.

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*Note: If you're looking to enforce a linear workflow, use Task Dependencies instead of task linking.

When to Link Tasks

Here are some great use cases for Linking Tasks:

  • If you wish to reference a Task being used as a Client Record from your CRM project with a scope-based project

  • If feature specifications from your Product team need to be shared with your Design and Development teams

  • If you wish to link an upcoming feature release with a bug ticket in your Support workflow

How to Link Tasks

From an open Task, open the Option Menu and find the Link Task action.

Once selected, you'll be required to select the Task you wish to Link with in either your current or a different project.

Once Linked, both tasks will have a Linked Tasks section appear that makes it easy to open up the details of the other Task(s) it is linked to. From here you can also easily Unlink the Tasks, or Complete Tasks that are Linked.

You can Link to additional Tasks to ensure all of the knowledge that needs to be shared is easily accessible across the different Tasks.

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