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How to Use Nifty for SOPs, Wiki's, and Docs
How to Use Nifty for SOPs, Wiki's, and Docs

Collaborate with your team and create a single source of truth. Learn how to create, store, and share strategic information with Nifty.

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Make the most out of your project's Docs section by building out Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Wiki structures, documentation, and more.

Before we discuss the types of documentation you might keep in Nifty, let's first consider where it should be stored.

Workspace vs Project Documentation

Workspace Documentation

To be clear, all Docs in Nifty exist in a Project, but let's start by asking ourselves what type of documentation we're introducing and where.

Documents that apply to all of your projects and have Workspace-wide relevancy, such as an SOP, Company Wiki, or more, might belong in a Project and Portfolio (such as the General Portfolio) that your entire team has access to.

You might even find it helpful to disable the other modules of the project so that the documentation is the brought to the forefront.

By keeping organization-wide documents together in a simple, easy to access space, you decrease the risk of informational redundancy and have a clear place where members of your company can proactively search for answers.

Project Documentation

In contrast to organization-wide documentation, you'll find it handy to keep project documentation within the Docs section of that respective Project. Whether it's a Project Scope, Delivery Schedule, Deliverable Documentation, or Feature Specifications, keeping documentation within its respective project allows it to interact with Tasks.

In these instances, you're likely to utilize other Project Views aside from just Docs.

Creating Wiki-style Docs in Nifty

Wiki-style docs allow you to add additional pages to the doc to keep information segmented. Once you've created a Nifty Doc, you'll find the ability to + Add a Page in the top left.

Once an additional Page is added, it will show on the lefthand side. You can drag and drop Pages to reorder them, and note that the +Add a Page button will be found below your existing pages.

Pages are titled based on the Header text at the top of the document.

While Header tags within a Page allow you to quickly navigate to a section within the Page, additional Pages allow you to build out the same document into a more immersive--yet segmented--resource.

Using Embeds to for Interactive Documents

Augment your Nifty Docs by embedding experiences from other tools via a share or public link.

Doing so allows you to pull in videos, diagrams, mood boards, and more to round out the content in your documentation. In the screenshot below, we can see a Miro board embedded in our document.

Sharing Documents as Public Links

If you want any of your documentation to be visible publicly, you can Share the document from within the option menu. You can always revoke this document at a later time!

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