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How to use Nifty as a CRM
How to use Nifty as a CRM

Here are some tips on how to best structure a project as a CRM to maximize your sales and operations workflows.

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Customer Relationship Managers, or CRMs, are an important asset for business to track potential new customers while staying on top of current ones.

Below are some tips on how to build and maximize a Nifty project as your CRM.

Starting With What You Need

Feel free to disable any modules within your project that don't fit the scope of your CRM workflow. For example, if you don't generate any presentations or documents during the process of courting a lead, you could potentially trim off Docs and Files.

Establishing Statuses as Steps of Your Funnel

You can use Statuses to indicate how your Sales funnel is typically executed. For example, you might have a warm Lead who, after your first touchpoint with them (a call, perhaps) is typically presented with a proposal. Once the proposal is presented, you might hash out any details before reaching and executing on a finalized agreement.

In this case, Lead, Proposal, and Working Agreement would be the Statuses in your CRM. We'll treat Completed as Closed leads, and Archived as Lost leads.

Creating Custom Fields for Specific Information

If you wish to add more data input fields for your leads, such as their Phone, Email, or perhaps the service(s) they qualify for, you can add these via Custom Fields. You don't need to use List View of Tasks in order to use Custom Fields, though this layout facilitates creating and managing these fields.

Automating Lead Entries

If you have some way that you currently gather leads from such as a Google Form or Calendly calendar, you can create an integration with your intake tool and Nifty to generate a task in your Lead Status of this project via Zapier.

That way, when leads take an action to enter your Sales funnel, their details are already entered within a Task into your Nifty CRM.

Automating Lead Assignments

You can utilize Nifty's built in workflow automations builder to automatically assign leads to team members, add custom tags, set start and due dates, reminders, and notifications of task completions in your project discussions.

Tracking Lead Touch Points

Try utilizing the Comments section at the bottom of an open task to keep track of conversations with your targets as well as the lead journey via activity history. Comments and activity are automatically timestamped and are a great way to snowball insights regarding your lead over your many touch points.

Creating High Level Views

Nifty's flexible task board allows you to visualize your CRM through multiple different views. Once you have the lead journey of your CRM defined, you can easily visualize the data in Board, List, Timeline, and Calendar views to always stay on top of your tasks.

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