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Importing from Spreadsheets, Excel & CSV
Importing from Spreadsheets, Excel & CSV

Bring your data from anywhere and create projects using .CSV, .XLS, or Excel files with our import feature.

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You can either import an entire project via spreadsheet or import a spreadsheet into a pre-existing project directly.

Importing into your General Portfolio

If you missed the opportunity to import a spreadsheet during onboarding, you can always import afterwards from the Import Projects button in your drop down menu. Importing from this menu will automatically add this project into your General Portfolio.

Next, select the Spreadsheet icon and Get started.

Importing into a Custom Portfolio

If you'd like this project to populate in a specific Portfolio, you can import the project during the project creation phase within the desired Portfolio. In the case of the below, this project will be created in the Accounts Portfolio:

Create to Continue Import

Name your Project and continue the import by selecting Create Project.

Importing into Existing Projects

If you'd like to bring data into a pre-existing project, you can initiate the import flow from your Tasks screen. From the Option Dot you'll find the Import from .CSV option.

How Imports Work

When importing a spreadsheet into Nifty, there are two main steps:

  1. Creating the Custom Fields required to create custom data in Nifty

  2. Mapping import fields from your spread to project fields

Default Nifty Fields

Below are the fields Nifty offers by default as part of an import. If you have information in your spreadsheet that does not match with a default Nifty field, be sure to create Custom Fields for that data to populate before continuing with the import.

Default Nifty import fields ( * indicates mandatory match for import):

  • Task Name*

  • Task Description

  • Task Assignees

  • Task Tags

  • Due Date

  • Start Date

  • Reminder

  • Story Points

  • Completed

  • Archived

  • Status*

  • Subtasks

While Milestones cannot be imported, you can quickly group Tasks into a new or existing Milestone after your import is completed via Bulk Actions.

Starting your Import

If your import is part of your project's creation, you will be prompted to create Custom Fields in advance (as seen in the screenshot below).

If you're importing into an existing project, you will be able to create the required Custom Fields in the project before importing into your Tasks section, thus allowing you to skip the step seen in the below screenshot.

Next, a pop-up will appear prompting you to search your computer for a .CSV, .XLS, or XLSX file.

Once your spreadsheet is uploaded, you'll get a preview of its contents in the space.

The importer will default to the ideal data rendering option, in this case UTF-8. We do not recommend adjusting the data rendering option.

If your rows and columns are not lined up properly, use the Switch Rows/Columns button to realign them within the space.

Once you select Next, you'll see the options to align the spreadsheet fields (File Columns) with Nifty's fields (Data Fields) as well as any Custom Fields that you've created for this project.

Once you select Next from this screen, you'll see your data in the context of Nifty's data structure.

After this stage, the Next button will lead to a Processing Data import screen. Once the progress bar is complete, your data will have been imported!

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