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Bulk Task Actions
Bulk Task Actions

Select tasks in bulk and assign, move, or tie them to a milestone in just a few clicks to avoid tedious work.

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Available Bulk Task Actions

Bulk task actions are a fantastic way to take control of your task board in just a few clicks. Bulk Actions are available for the following actions:

  • Assigning Users

  • Adding Due Dates

  • Tie Tasks to a Milestone

  • Adding Tags

  • Adding Custom Fields

  • Completing Tasks

  • Archiving Tasks

  • Removing Tasks

Here are some of our favorite use cases for this feature:

  • Assigning specific tasks within or across lists to a teammate without assigning them to an entire Status

  • Updating multiple task dates at once

  • Tying pre-existing tasks to a new milestone

  • Cleaning up a task board across Statuses

Selecting Multiple Tasks

You can hold the shift-key while clicking a tasks to activate the Bulk Bar module. Additionally, this can be done by clicking into blank space within a task in the List View.

You'll have the option for making bulk actions through either the Bulk Bar menu appears at the bottom of the screen, or in the column of the data you're looking to apply to all selected tasks.

Selecting Specific Tasks

Holding down command (on Mac) or ctrl (on Windows) allows you to select specific tasks to commit bulk actions on.

Bulk Actions in Kanban View

Select the hover circles to enable the Bulk options in your Kanban view.

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