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Importing from JIRA

Import your JIRA projects, issues, and files into Nifty

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Starting the import process generally takes 1 to 5 minutes. After you've confirmed the import, the actual importing time can vary between 1 minute to several minutes. This is entirely based on how much data you have in your JIRA workspace as well as the rate limits of JIRA's API.

How to start an Import from JIRA

1. Start by finding the Import Projects button in your team dropdown menu

How to Create Application Link in JIRA

1. From the JIRA application sidebar, select Settings then Products

5. Copy and Paste the following Consumer Key, Name, and Public Key into JIRA

Consumer Key: niftyclient

Consumer Name: Nifty

Consumer Key:


6. Copy your JIRA Team URL and paste it into the JIRA import field in Nifty

What You Can Import from JIRA:

  • projects

  • task lists

  • issues (tasks)

  • assignees

  • descriptions

  • attachments

  • date created

  • comments

  • due dates

  • files

Once your loader is completed, you're ready to go! Be sure to check out our
​Getting Started guide to learn the basics of Nifty and find out why Nifty is your best Jira Alternative πŸš€

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