Importing from Monday

Bring your Tasks, Files, Comments, and User from Monday to Nifty with our Monday Importer.

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Get started in Nifty quickly and easily by importing your Monday data. Starting the import process generally takes 1 to 5 minutes. After you've confirmed the import, the actual importing time can vary between 1 minute to several minutes. This is entirely based on how much data you have in your Monday workspace as well as the rate limits of Monday's API.

Starting Your Monday Import

You can access the importer during onboarding, Nifty's drop down menu, or on a Portfolio, level import.

Next, select the Monday importer from the options and select Get Started.

Here you will be prompted to enter your API key from Monday.

Accessing Your Monday API Key

From within Monday, select your avatar in the bottom left corner.

Select the Administration section of your popup menu.

You will be able to copy your personal API token in the API tab of the Administration section.

Place this key into the Monday importer field within Nifty to continue the import.

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