Want to bring your third party data structure into a Nifty project? Perhaps it's a prototype you want to embed, or a spreadsheet, or a website homepage that you're developing.

No matter what it is, Nifty's Project View will allow you to create a URL-embed module will bring an outside experience directly into one of your projects!

Using the Embed Module

Click on the Module Selector and choose "Add Project View".

Adding a Link

Here you'll be prompted to select a link for embed. Here's how you can determine the link to use:

  • If what you're looking to link into your project is publicly available, such as a website landing page or a web form, simply drop the link!

  • If what you're looking to link requires that you sign in or offers a public link, such as a web document, a prototype, or a mind map, look for a public version of that link.

Here's an example of finding an Invision prototype's public link:

Once you've selected the appropriate link, its time to name your Project View and drop the link in.

And there you go! You've created a Project View for this project!

Editing or Deleting a Project View

To edit or delete a Project View, select the pencil icon next to the view that you'd like to alter.

From here you can make any desired adjustments or delete the module entirely.

Locating Hidden Project Views

Depending on which module you're in and how many Project Views you've added, you might have trouble seeing some that are deeper in your list. Note that you can over over the project modules and scroll to locate these additional Project Views.

When Embed Isn't Working

With some links your might receive an error message or the frowny face as seen below. Unfortunately not all web experiences allow themselves to be embedded, and in these instances we won't be able to merge these experiences into Nifty.

Note that in some instances, you may have success with an embed on our Desktop App but not in our Browser App. This too is beyond our control as it pertains to however the desired link constructed their embed prevention.

If this is as much a bummer to you as it is to us, we encourage you to reach out to these tools and kindly consider that they reconsider their embedding policy.

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