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Jira Two-Way Integration

Integrate Jira with Nifty to sync your cross-platform workflows.

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Whether you're managing a handful of issues or the entirety of your DevOps on JIRA, you can sync card information between Nifty and Jira with our two-way integration. If you're looking to simply import your data from Jira, be sure to reference our Jira Import help article.

Our integration allows you to sync the following between the two systems:

  • Task creation (Tasks created in Nifty will appear in a Jira To-do list)

  • Task name

  • Task description

  • Due date (task scheduling must be enabled on Jira)

  • Labels

Integrating Jira with Nifty

You will first need to create an application link within JIRA. Note that these instructions can also be found in-app via the Jira tab of the Automations module.

Creating the Nifty Application Link in Jira

Step 1: From the Jira application sidebar, select Settings then Products.

Step 2: Select Application Links from within the Products sidebar.

Step 3: Paste the URL and click on Create New Link.

Step 4: On the application configuration modal, enter application name: Nifty and and select Create incoming link then click Continue.

Step 5: Copy and Paste the following Consumer Key, Name, and Public Key into Jira:

Consumer Key: niftyclient

Consumer Name: Nifty

Public Key: MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDYnxE56sbrtUG1ENL6TZVdCkRb MwlyfsqIAVcZ25q4O9gZKildasivOjzzvk3Te5OCXE1TN8rO1P23C2TyA4MSMmUp 0PFuW7FBMD+i/bl5JMrkjbIY3fDu+rjWxpUJwO0+D0ZwCb7ae5MWRtKRjFI+EOup 9WBYBmzOYhlcRyMqswIDAQAB

Step 6: Copy your Jira URL and paste it into the Jira URL field in Nifty the Jira tab of the Automation module.

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