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Filestage Embed

Embed your Filestage workflow into Nifty to bring proofing and approvals into your workflow solution.

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Managing proofing, versioning, and approvals doesn't get much easier than embedding Filestage into Nifty. This two-way embed allows you to access and interact with Filestage from within Nifty via Nifty's Embed options.

The two most popular places to drop these embeds for maximum collaboration are on the Task and Project View levels, though Nifty Embeds can exist within Nifty Docs as well.

The best part is, no matter where you embed Filestage within your project, you'll be able to interact with your proofing process from within Nifty!

Preparing to embed a Filestage File in Nifty

Regardless of where you're looking to embed your Filestage File workflow in Nifty, you'll follow the first same step to do so.

From inside the file, select the Copy Review Link option in the top bar.

Once this link is copied to your clipboard, you're ready to embed Filestage into Nifty! Next, let's review our options as to where you can embed this file.

Embedding Filestage as a Project View

Embedding a Filestage File as a Project View maximizes its visibility for your Nifty collaborators by adding it as a module across the top of your Project.

To create a Custom View, find the option dot menu and select the + Add Custom View option.

Select the Filestage embed option and drop the link inside, then save the Custom View.

Next, you'll want to give the Custom View a Title (it can be as simple as naming it Filestage). We suggest something short as this is the name of the tab that will present as a View in your workspace.

Paste the embed link in the URL section then Create the view!

You will now see this Filestage file as an interactive View in your project.

Embedding Filestage in a Task

Embedding a Filestage file into a Task adds actionability and accountability.

To embed Filestage, locate the Attachments portion of the Task and select the Embed option.

Insert your Filestage link into the Embed option and Save to complete the embed.

Note that you can expand this window on hover if you'd like more space to operate within the embed!

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