There are two ways to move Trello project data to Nifty:

  1. Create a project / projects based on board import
  2. Import a board to a pre-existing Project's 'Tasks'

Creating projects based on Trello boards

You can create Nifty projects based around Trello board project data. Our import tool will work with you to move data and match users across the platforms. Here's how to do so:

1. Find the Import Project button under your team dropdown. Select the Trello import feature.

2. Once you've logged into your Trello account, select the boards you wish to import. Each board will create its own project.

You may carry over your assignments to team members on your account or invite new ones to join your account. Once you match your Trello users with your Nifty team members, proceed to the final step.

3. To finalize your import, select whether or not you want to carry over archived tasks and current board files.

4. Project imports can take a little while -- we appreciate your patience! 

Importing a Trello board to a pre-existing Nifty project

  1. Go to the Tasks section of your project
  2. Click on the Import from Trello button
  3. Login to your Trello account
  4. Choose the board you want to import to this project
  5. Match your Trello users with Nifty users

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