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Calendly Integration

Integrate Calendly to create and edit Tasks for scheduled meetings via automations.

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Integrating Calendly with Nifty is a simple-yet-effective way to keep on top of your scheduled calls within Nifty. You can even use these booked calls as an inbound section of your CRM board!

Please note that this integration requires that you are on the Professional Plan or higher of Calendly since it leverages webhooks.

Integrating Calendly

You can integrate your Calendly account with Nifty via the Automations button at the top of a Task module within a Project.

Once Automations are opened, find the Calendly option on the left and Enable Calendly. You will be promtped to sign into your Calendly account.

Once you've enabled the integration, you might need to refresh Nifty to see the integration as activated.

Creating a Calendly Automation

Now that your Calendly account is integration, you'll next need to create the automation in the Calendly section of Automations.

Simply name this automation, choose the status in which event Tasks will be created, then Create the automation.

Now your Calendly automation is active! You can edit this automation by accessing it via the Calendly section of automations within this project in the future.

How the Calendly Integration Works

When someone books a call via a schedule of the integrated Calendly account, a Task will be created within the board of the project with the automation.

This Task's name will contain the name and email of the person who signed up for a call. Open the Task to see more details within the Description. Note that the Task's Start and Due Dates will correspond to the times of the scheduled call.

Event Cancellations

Should a scheduled event be cancelled, the Task's name will reflect the cancellation, and the description will be updated to include the cancellation reason.

Disconnecting your Calendly Integration

You can disconnect your Calendly integration from the App Center found in your dropdown menu.

Click on the break link icon to disconnect Calendly from Nifty.

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