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Subtasks and Checklists
Subtasks and Checklists

Use Subtasks and Checklists to add more layers of depth to your tasks and workflow.

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Subtasks and Checklists allow you to add additional layers of information to your tasks for better organization of your to-do items.


Once a Task is created, you'll see the option within it to create a Subtask.

Upon creating a Subtask, you'll see a completion bar appear to help you keep track of all of your Subtask completion progress. Note that completing Subtasks will not impact Milestone progress.

Subtasks can have their own assignees, due dates, descriptions, tags, and even have their own comments sections within them.

Subtasks, like their parent Task, also have an ID that can be clicked to be copied to your clipboard and pasted as a chat link within your Nifty Workspace to share with others.

Subtask assignments will appear in the respective assignees My Work section.


Checklists are lightweight lists to help you keep track of the steps within a Subtask. To create a checklist, click on the + button next to Checklists and name your Checklist.

Once created, you can now add items to the Checklist. A progress bar will appear to help you keep track of your completion progress of the to-do items. You can add multiple Checklists within a Subtask. You can also hover over the Checklist items to drag and drop them to reorder them within their Checklist.

You can rename or delete Checklists and Checklist items via the option dot menu on hover.

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