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File Proofing: Images & Video Annotations
File Proofing: Images & Video Annotations

Add feedback or comments directly on files and expedite approval process for precise action-oriented proofing.

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Proofing centralizes feedback and expedites approval for creative assets by assigning members to them for better actionability and progress tracking.

How Proofing Works

Proofing allows you to leave a comment on a file or video that can optionally be turned into a Task or Subtasks to track real-time progress while streamlining feedback.

Start by selecting the Annotate icon at the top of the file's menu.

Standalone Files (not attached to a Task)

When annotating a file that is not attached to a Task, you will first be asked if you'd like to create a new Task with this File attached. Doing so will ensure that all annotated comments left on the File will automatically be created as Subtasks.

Selecting Cancel at this stage will allow you to annotate the file without creating a Task and Subtasks.

Files Attached to Tasks

If the file you're annotating is attached to a Task, the annotated comments will automatically be created as Subtasks within the Task.

Creating Annotations

Select the spot of the file that you'd like to annotate. Once you've selected the area, leave your feedback and save it to see it appear as a Comment on the file.

If the file is associated with a Task, you'll find the Comment is automatically created as a Subtask. You can click on the annotation to assign the Subtask to a member of your team as well as give it a due date.

This Comment is now an assigned Subtask on the Task that the file is attached to.

Now your feedback is automatically an action item ready to be addressed by project collaborators!

Proofing a Video

To annotate a video, engage the annotate tool and click the screen at the timestamp that you wish to draw attention to.

After your comment is left, the annotation icon can be found in the video progress bar. Like file proofing, videos annotations will be created as Subtasks if the video is attached to a Task.

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