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Seeing Completed & Archived Tasks
Seeing Completed & Archived Tasks

Find tasks that you've cleared from your active task board through the "show" filter

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You may have noticed that tasks are removed from your active task board when you Complete or Archive them. The good news is, they're not gone, they're simply hidden!

Task board Filter

Can you choose to show your Completed or Archived Statuses by selecting their visibility in the task board filter. This is a great way to reference information on Tasks that have been cleared from your active Statuses in your Project. You can even use the Search tasks tool in the filter to look through these lists when they're visible.

Find the Active indicator on your Task board to see the ability to enable or disable Completed or Archived Tasks.

Note that Deleted tasks are removed from your account entirely and cannot be retrieved through this method.

Reviving Completed and Archived Tasks

You can drag a task from a Completed or Archived Status into an active Status from either the Kanban or List view.

You can also mark a Task as incomplete to move it out of the Completed Status.

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