Swimlane View

The Swimlane View allows you to segment Lists and Milestones by a variety of Task groupings for an optimized Workflow.

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Swimlane View intersects your Kanban board with your Lists and Milestones to allow for maximized agile segmentation of your Tasks.

This screen is a favorite for those who like to plan and shuffle tasks across Milestones and Lists frequently! From Swimlane you can:

  • Create Lists, Statuses, and Tasks

  • Assign Statuses & Lists to users to automate assignments

  • Quickly move tasks across Statuses and Lists/Milestones

  • Filter by different Group By options

Accessing and Using Swimlane View

You'll find Swimlane View as an option via your View dropdown selector in Tasks.

Changing Task Groupings

You can customize the grouping of Tasks along the X axis to get the specific insights you'd like to see segmented by your Lists and Milestones.

Multiple Task Updates

Tasks can be drag and dropped across both the X and Y axis to update its grouping as well as List.

Visualizing Milestone Completion

Lists that have been turned into Milestones will indicate the dates and progress of the Milestone as the Tasks within it are completed.

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