While our Timeline Milestone view puts a visual emphasis on dates and deadlines, the Swimlane Milestone view presents your milestones in table with your project's Statuses

This screen is a favorite for those who like to plan and shuffle tasks across Milestones and Lists frequently! From Swimlane you can:

  • Create Milestones, Statuses, and Tasks

  • Assign Statuses to users

  • Quickly move tasks across Statuses and Milestones

Swimlane is available as both a Milestone and Task view.

Accessing and Using Swimlane View

Click on the grid-looking button on your Milestone or Tasks screen to access Swimlane View.

In Swimlane, your Milestones will present down the left side, while your task lists present across the top in a Kanban layout. Swimlane segments your Kanban board by Milestone to facilitate tracking task within every Status of a Milestone.

Tasks created in or moved across milestones will automatically tie tasks to that milestone.

Tasks without milestones

Tasks that are not part of a milestone will appear in Swimlane in their own "Without Milestone block.

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