Create shortcuts to your most frequently visited screens to streamline your personal workflow.

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Favorites is the simple, efficient way of visiting the screens you spend much of your time within Nifty. By adding a view as a Favorite, you'll see it above your Portfolios in your sidebar.

Nearly any Project screen can be saved as a Favorite, such as:

  • Dashboards

  • Roadmaps

  • Tasks

  • Discussions

  • Docs (or an individual Doc)

  • Files (or an individual File)

  • Doc or File Folders

  • Personal Tasks

  • Personal Notes

  • Custom Views & Embeds

Adding or Removing a Favorite

When you're in a view that you'd like to have as a Favorite, simply click on the Star icon in the top right. Doing so will cause that Star to glow, and this screen will be added to your Favorites section.

Once added, clicking the Star again will remove this screen from your Favorites. You can also remove a Favorite as a hover option.

Renaming a Favorite

Favorites can be renamed once added to your sidebar so you can add clarity, context, and customization to your daily workflow. You can rename a Favorite as a hover option.

Once selected, enter the new name for this Favorite.

Note that a renamed Favorite will only reflect this change in your sidebar and not in the Project in which the Favorite originates.

Reordering Favorites

Drag and drop favorites to reorder them in your sidebar.

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