Creating a Folder

Locate the Folder icon in the upper-right corner of the Docs or Files tab of your project.

Next you'll need to give your Folder a name.

Once the Folder is made, you can either drag assets into the folder individually or with bulk select actions:

  • shift+click for select all

  • ctrl (windows) or command (mac) for multi-select

Folder Breadcrumbing

Folders will leave breadcrumbs that you can follow back to different levels of organization. Folders can have multiple subfolders in Nifty, so organize to your heart's content.

Removing an Asset from a Folder

Select or bulk select what you wish to move and drag it to the breadcrumb level where you'd like them to be stored.

Renaming or Deleting a Folder

To rename or delete a Folder, hover over it and engage with the three dot menu. Deleting a Folder will delete everything in it and cannot be undone.

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