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Sending a Message as an Email
Sending a Message as an Email

Send a Discussion Message, Task Comment, or Direct Message as a email to project members.

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Push notifications on your mobile and desktop apps are a great way to receive instant notifications, but sometimes it's important that a specific message or comment is delivered as an email.

Luckily, Nifty makes it easy to send in-app messages as emails to project members.

Sending an Email from a Discussion, Task, or Direct Message

When you send in a Discussion, Task Comment, or Direct Message, hover over the message to reveal the Send via email action.

Once you've selected the Send via email action, you can choose which project members should receive the email. Additionally, you can provide more insight or give actionable directions in the Add Context box to be added to the email's contents.

Recipients of the email will be able to open up Nifty from their inbox and jump right into collaboration!

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