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Integrating Zapier with Nifty (Connect with over 2,000+ Apps)
Integrating Zapier with Nifty (Connect with over 2,000+ Apps)

Simplify your workflow with pre-existing templates or create your own custom integrations to connect Nifty with your favorite apps!

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There are a lot of digital products out there, and while Nifty offers customized integrations with some of them, we think its important that you're able to create any integration that you can think of!

That's where Zapier comes in. Zapier allows you to create your own one-way integrations (called "Zaps") between any two apps out of thousands of available ones on its platform, and it even offers a free plan.

Pre-made Nifty Zaps

We've put together some Zapier templates for popular Zaps for you to use. All you need to do is customize the Zap to your account data! Note that all Zaps require you to have both Zapier and Nifty accounts.

Using a Nifty Zap Template

You can access our templates in Nifty through Personal Settings--> App Center--> Zapier. With a click of a button, you'll be taken to the Zap to fill log into the different apps and customize the integration layout to your specific needs.

Nifty Zapier Integration

Building a Custom Zap

If we don't have a template for the integration you seek, we encourage you to build a Zap that's just to your liking! Simply search Zapier for the app you'd like to connect to Nifty and get started with integration creation process!

Start by defining which app you want to connect with Nifty. If you want integrate out of Nifty, put Nifty first. If you want the result of the integration to occur in Nifty, put Nifty second.

Next, you'll want to determine the Trigger, or the actions that this integration will make. In the example below, we're creating a Zap out of Nifty that creates a Hubspot Contact when a Task is made. The next step will allow us to define this Zap more clearly. Note that Zapier may recommend a Zap if one like this is already in use!

Once you've moved to the next stage, you'll be prompted to log into the apps and define how exactly you want the integration to work between the two tools.

Zapier is a wonderful way to take control in automating segments of your workflow without waiting for apps to create native integrations! Be sure to ask us if you have any questions, and happy (or shall we say, Zappy) integrating!

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