Nifty Embedded Webex App

Create new tasks and review existing ones right from your Webex meetings to align every stakeholder.

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Close the gap between communication and action with Nifty's Embedded Webex app. Keep your meeting agendas on track, review action items, and create actionable next all from your Webex meetings.

Note that you must have a Nifty account to utilize this immersive integration.

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Embedding Nifty into your Webex Meeting

Access the Apps tray inside your Webex window and find Nifty.

Log into your Nifty account. Be sure to use your SSO or have your Two Factor Authentication handy if your team uses them!

Next, select the appropriate Workspace.

Once logged in, you'll be able to access pre-existing tasks from projects you're involved in or create new tasks.

Viewing Existing Tasks

Select the View Existing Tasks action, then select the Project and Status of the desired task. From there, select the task(s) you'd like to add to the meeting by hovering over them and clicking on them.

You'll then find these tasks in the Meeting Summary section of the app. You can even open this task to change any details as your conversation evolves.

Creating New Tasks

Choose the Create a New Task action, and select the Project and Status that this task should be located in your Nifty Workspace. Flesh out this task with all of the necessary details, deadlines, and assignees before creating the task.

This task will now appear in the Meeting Summary section of the embedded app as well as your workspace.

Nifty Data Policy & Security

The Webex app comes as no additional charge to Nifty's service. You can view Nifty's Data policy on our Terms page.

Nifty's data is securely stored and end-to-end encrypted on AWS. To learn more about Nifty's security and data policy, visit our Security page.

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