Statuses are a great way to keep your tasks organized within Milestones and within your Projects.

Creating a Status

Use "+ Add Status" button on your task board to create a new Status for this project. You can drag the Status to rearrange its position amongst other Statuses.

Statuses can be different for every project, and so while "To Do, In Progress, In Review, Completed" are popular Statuses for projects are all kind, feel free to customize your Statuses based on your project's needs. Perhaps your development team would like a QA status, or your marketing team would prefer "Being Written, Being Edited" as Statuses.

Note: Tasks can be dragged between Statuses by hovering over them in the task list bar and moving them to the desired list.

Changing a Task's Status

There are many ways you can change a task's Status aside from dragging it between Status lists in a Task view.

Changing Statuses in Milestones

Use the Status selector next to the Task tied to the Milestone to change its Status.

Changing Statuses in My / All Tasks

Use the Status selector next to the Task to change its Status.

Note that you can assign a member of your project based on Status.

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