Creating Milestones at the outset of a project gives context to your project's tasks and provides clarity as to your current progress. Since visualization is also important, you can set Swimlane View which intersects milestones with task lists.

Additionally, tying tasks to your milestones will automate the milestone progress based on task completion.

How to set project milestones in Nifty Project Management

So first, let's create milestones for your project on the Roadmap tool of your project.

Milestone duration can be adjusted by lengthening or shortening the edge of a milestone; a milestone's start and end date can be adjusted by dragging the entire milestone.

You can change the viewing frame based on Daily / Weekly / or Monthly View.

Milestones with tasks tied to them have colors that correspond to their statuses:

Green:  All tasks tied to the milestone are completed and your ahead of schedule.
Orange:  Visual progress tracker with some of the tasks tied to the milestone marked completed.
Red:  A reference for being overdue. The milestone end date has concluded with tasks tied to the milestone still not completed.
Grey:  There are no tasks associated to this milestone or no tasks have yet been completed.

To learn about how to automate the progress of your Milestones, check out our Milestone Automation article!

Ready to use Milestones as a part of your projects? 

Milestones are available for all users on Nifty Free, Standard, and Premium plans. Login to your account, create your first project Milestone, start tracking progress, and move your projects forward. 

If you’re not Nifty user, start your 14-day trial period add start adding Milestones to your projects. 🎉

Learn more about the Importance of Milestones in Project Management

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