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Harvest Time Tracking Integration
Harvest Time Tracking Integration

Track time spent on tasks across Nifty, while managing reporting, invoicing, and expense tracking right in Harvest.

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Engage time tracking in Nifty and have the time reflect in Harvest via our integration. You'll need a Harvest account to leverage this awesome connection, and if you don't have one yet, you can sign up here for a 30-day free trial.

Here's how to set up the integration.

Integrating Harvest

Nifty's Harvest Integration is a Team App, meaning only your Account Owner can establish this app for your entire Workspace.

You'll find the Harvest App in the Team Apps section of the App Center.

If your browser cookies are already logged into Harvest, the integration will happen automatically. Otherwise, you'd need to login manually.

Enable Harvest Tracking

After integrating, you will be redirected to the General Settings of the Workspace. Here you will be prompted to change your Default Time Tracker to Harvest.

Create a Project in Harvest

You'll need a Project in Harvest that you'd like to track time to from Tasks within a Project of Nifty. Note that once the Project is created in Harvest, Tasks will automatically populate in Harvest once time has been tracked on them within Nifty.

Navigate to the Projects tab in the top bar of Harvest and select the + New project button to create a new project. If your project already exists, you may skip this step.

Complete the Project creation flow in Harvest before returning to Nifty.

Tracking Time in Harvest from Nifty

With the Harvest time tracker engaged in Workspace General Settings, you will be prompted to select the Harvest Project that you'd like this Nifty Task to track time in when engaging the Time Tracker. Be sure to select the correct project!

Once engaged, you will be able to stop the timer from the bottom of your left sidebar.

Once stopped, you'll see the time registered within your Harvest project.

Uninstalling the Harvest Integration

If you wish to cease using your Harvest integration, you can do so by clicking on the link icon on the Harvest App in the App Center. You will the be prompted to revert the Workspace's Default Time Tracker back to Nifty.


We're happy to assist with connecting your integration! For questions on how best to utilize Harvest to drive profitable projects, be sure to visit Harvest's Help Center.

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