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Google Single Sign On (SSO)
Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Sign up for Nifty with your Google account or transition your team to Google SSO

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Signing up or logging in to Nifty with Google provides added convenience and peace of mind.

Signing in with your Google account will automatically give you access to the Google Calendar and GDrive (Docs, Sheets, Slides) integrations!

Signing up with Google

During the signup process, select "Sign up with Google" during account creation. Enter your Google credentials in the popup to continue signing up to Nifty with your Google account.

Transitioning your existing Workspace to use Google SSO

If you already have a Nifty team and would like to require that your team utilize Google SSO, the Workspace Owner can do so by going to your Team Settings --> Manage Team and turning on the Google SSO. Note: Google SSO is not available on our Starter plan.

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